Online Disaster Recovery Services Melbourne

At OnTheNet, we pride ourselves on having Australia’s premium disaster recovery plan! By using our leading data backup and replication system, we provide our clients with exceptional data, image and disaster recovery services across all of Australia.

Our online disaster recovery services are customized for clients who suffer damage to their hardware setup that requires a total rebuild.

If something ever happens that results in significant damage or disruption to any of your hardware, what would you do? How would you continue to run your business effectively? Would your business even be able to run if your hardware suffered major damage?

OnTheNet’s online disaster recovery plans are designed to boot up a recovery system for you whilst you are rebuilding your hardware and solving any other issues. Our recovery services allow you and your business to get back on your feet quickly, giving you the confidence that you can overcome any hurdle.

Our disaster recovery plan includes:

Data Recovery

Your data can be recovered in the following ways

  • Larger Amounts >20GB. This can be copied onto a hard disk and delivered to you by courier the next business day.
  • Smaller Amounts <20GB. These can be downloaded straight away over the Internet.

Disaster Recovery

OnTheNet also offers various offsite disaster recovery solutions, all at the most competitive prices.

Basic Disaster Recovery Plan

  • You’re image backups have been made with Shadow Protect, Windows Image Backups or another image backup software.
  • We can convert your images to a bootable image, setup at VM and then grant you access via a VPN.
  • This process can take several hours, all depending on the size of your images.

Premium Disaster Recovery

At OnTheNet, we use Shadow Protects to provide you with a head-start restore. This ensures that your replicated images are continuously updated. This server can be booted up within minutes upon you request.

Virtual Server Replication

Do you have the CAPEX or OPEX to run your very own DR site? If not, it’s ok. We will act as a replication target for your Virtual Servers for VEEAM or VMWARE. In the case of a disaster recovery situation, we will boot up your virtual servers located in our data centre, ensuring that your business continues to run correctly.

Contact us today at OnTheNet for the premier disaster recovery plan Australia has to offer.

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