Online Data Backup Services Melbourne

OnTheNet is home to the best online backup services Melbourne has to offer. Utilising leading online data backup systems, OnTheNet provides exceptional image, data and disaster protection services to clients across Melbourne and beyond.

OnTheNet Online Data Backup Services Melbourne

Don’t leave your data backups open to failure.

  • Are your offsite data backups up to date?
  • Have you ever verified that they are working?

Your offsite data backups should be automatic, reliable and cost effective. With OnTheNet monitored online data backup services you can be certain they are.

With OnTheNet, your online data backup services automatically occur in the background and are monitored by our expert team.

Should you suffer a loss of critical data we will restore it for you over the internet or portable hard disk. With OnTheNet will allow you to rest easy in the knowledge that your most valuable asset, your information will be secure and recoverable.

OnTheNet monitored offsite data backups:                       

  • actively monitored and verified
  • based in Australia, data does not leave Australia, staff based in Australia
  • allow seeding and recovery of large amounts of data via thumb drives or hard disk drives
  • support data files, Exchange, MS-SQL, image backups, virtual machines, disaster recovery, customised solutions

Online Data Backup Services Products

OnTheNet has many solutions for your offsite backup needs starting at 1TB of storage for $150/month + GST:

I need to protect my files

I need to protect my Exchange/MS-SQL database

I need to protect my whole system

I need to be able to boot up a recovery system while I rebuild my hardware

I need my own offsite backup system hosted

I need data escrow

Contact us at OnTheNet today for the leading online data backup services Melbourne has to offer. 

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