Shadow Protect Replication

Shadow Protect SBS license and 100GB of monitored offsite backup from less than $100/month + GST. Call 1300 782 877 to inquire.

Reduce Costs

Replace tape. Improve reliability and reduce costs. Call 1300 782 877 to inquire.

Rest Easy

Your offsite backups are verified and monitored by us.

Disaster Recovery in Minutes

Monitored offsite backups and offsite DR server from less than $100/month + GST. Call 1300 782 877 to inquire.

VEEAM offsite replication

VEEAM offsite backups and VEEAM Cloud Connect. Call 1300 782 877 to inquire.

Offsite Data Backup Australia

Australia’s Best Offsite Backup

OnTheNet are specialists in offsite backup and online data storage, offering only the highest quality services to businesses all over Australia. Having developed leading offsite data backup systems, OnTheNet has been providing incomparable image, data and disaster protection services to its clients, ensuring consistently superior levels of service.

OnTheNet’s Services

  • Are your offsite data backups up to date? 

Offsite Backups Australia

OnTheNet is home to the best offsite backups Australia has to offer. Utilising leading backup and replication systems, OnTheNet provides an exceptional offsite backup service and image, data and disaster protection services to clients across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. 

Offsite Backups: Do you know if?

  • Your offsite backups up to date?
  • Your backups are verified and working?

Your offsite backups should be automatic, reliable and cost effective. OnTheNet monitored offsite backups ensure that they are. 

Backup Security

Secure offsite backup is crucial for the safety of your data. The following is a list of real life accounts that showcase the importance of having offsite backup for your business:

Code Source Hosting closes down after hacker deletes all data

Code Spaces (a code hosting service) has closed down after an attacker managed to delete all their hosted customer data and most of the backups. "Code Spaces Shutting ", SlashDot 18/06/2014.

Thief takes all hard drives and backups

"The only thing missing were the hard drives and their back-ups... They just took the hard drives and left. It was quite a deliberate act.", Breaking with intent, The Age 01/02/2013 (Offsite backup Australia).

Web business wiped out in 30 minutes by hackers

"Mr Bloch described the hacking .... as “one of the most malicious attacks I have been aware of in Australia”. Mr Bloch said the attack lasted about half-an-hour and the hackers “were focused”. The hackers chose the quiet time of a Saturday night on June 11 to launch a highly sophisticated attack which wiped out .... hard drive address blocks. Without these address tables, disk storage content containing the web-hosting files of thousands of ... customers were rendered unreadable. To ensure data could not be recovered, the hackers then turned their attention to destroying the company’s backups."  The Australian, 23/06/2011.

How confident are you in your backup process? Is it happening?

The receptionist at a financial planning company was entrusted with maintaining the backups. She would use two HDDs and would alternately backup the days work onto one HDD and take yesterdays backup home on the other HDD. Unfortunately her house got robbed and she lost one of the HDDs. The alternate HDD was full and wasn't backing up for weeks. This wasn't discovered until their IT Support Consultant checked the backups and discovered that they were weeks old. He immediately recommended offsite backups provided by OnTheNet, Melbourne.

Failing backups can indicate wider problems

Our client is a road and traffic consultant. We were getting recurring notifications of failing of backups. We contacted their IT Manager and upon further investigation they discovered that one of their HDDs was failing. They were able to replace the failing HDD before the entire RAID failed. As we continuously monitor our backups, problems in the backups can often indicated wider problems in the system.

Talk to us about a solution that suits you.

Automatic Offsite Backup

Take your backups offsite automatically without having to worry about lapses in procedure and discipline.

Monitored Offsite Storage

We monitor and verify your data backups, we monitor, mount and check the filesystem of your image backups. Rest easy knowing your backups are happening and are verified.

Data Backup

Backup critical files via your server or directly from your NAS or SAN. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Image Backups and Disaster Recovery

Be able to conduct bare metal restores of your servers or boot up an offsite disaster recovery server in minutes. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Get your files securely, anytime

Download your files when you need them. For large amounts we can send you your data on a thumb drive or a hard disk drive.

Private Hosted Backup Solutions

No-CAPEX and monthly contracts that allow you to adjust your storage to your needs. Hosted backup servers with access to almost limitless cost effective storage. Whether you want to use Ahsay, AppAssure, ArcServe, Asigra, NovaStor, Vembu or you need an offsite replication target for VEEAM, VMWare or Citrix give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Contact us at OnTheNet today for the leading offsite backups and shadow protect in Australia has to offer 

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